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Q: They alienated funds from their intended purpose. có nghĩa là gì?
A: they didn't use the money for the intended purposes
Q: his hard-earned funds were LINING THE POCKETS of a divorce lawyer as he fought to get greateraccess to his son có nghĩa là gì?
A: to line someone’s pockets means to pay them a lot of money. so in this context it’s saying that the divorce lawyer was very expensive
Q: to commit our funds có nghĩa là gì?
A: To promise to use your money for a specific purpose.
Investors commit their funds to businesses-- they promise to spend money to help the business grow.
Q: All of the funds for this scholarship are currently allocated. có nghĩa là gì?
A: It means they have chosen someone (or multiple people) to receive the scholarship already.
Q: we'll be allocating the remaining funds in this year's budget có nghĩa là gì?
A: @Ri-na 意味は。。。

we'll be allocating = we will be sharing
the remaining funds = the money that's left
in this year's budget = of this year's money.

Từ giống với "Funds" và sự khác biệt giữa chúng

Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa to raise secret funds và to make secret funds ?

in this context, they mean the same thing

to raise money means to gather, collect, or to make money
Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa funds và funding ?
A: Kiểm tra câu hỏi để xem câu trả lời
Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa funds và wealth ?
A: @Sandytee: wealth usually is used to talk about how rich you are
funds usually is used for how something or someone gets money
I hope that helped

Bản dịch của"Funds"

Q: Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Mỹ) như thế nào? "I have offered to match all funds raised dollar for dollar." what does it mean? I don't understand especially 'for dollar' at the end of the sentence. Does it belong to the verb 'match'?
A: "Dollar for dollar" is basically emphasizing the fact that they will match all funds. They could have just said "I have offered to match all funds raised."

"Dollar for dollar" means for each dollar I donate, they will also donate a dollar.
Q: Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Anh) như thế nào? Me funds beat nhi krna chahti
A: I don't want to beat fund

Những câu hỏi khác về "Funds"

Q: What does "funds were accounted for" mean?
Does it mean "funds were officially reported"??

Prosecutors also are examining whether foreigners unlawfully contributed to the committee. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan issued a subpoena last year seeking a wide range of financial records from the committee, including any "communications regarding or relating to the possibility of donations by foreign nationals."

The inaugural committee has denied wrongdoing and said its funds were fully accounted for.
A: In this context, it sorta just means that they doublechecked the funds and it was all there and/or there was no shady business. It all checks out
Q: "What about get the remaining funds from an ATM machine? Does it work with you? (instead 'Does it works for you?')" cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A: "What about get the rest of the money from an ATM machine? Does that work for you?"

Someone would understand what you said. Just minor tweaks
Q: What does "trend-following quantitative funds are cutting their U.S. equity positions." (last line) mean?

A $10 trillion global stock rally is showing signs of fragility, and you can blame the economy.

Both the American and European benchmarks posted their biggest weekly losses since the darkest days of December’s sell-off, with the S&P 500 dropping 2.2 percent. While the week ended with the European Central Bank’s dovish turn and President Donald Trump predicting a “very big spike” in U.S. markets once a trade deal with China is reached, stock declines were a sign that after a sharp two-month rally, risk appetite has weakened and the bar for positive surprises has been raised.

Reality is starting to bite. Riskier stocks are falling back to Earth. Investors are pulling money from equities and pouring it in bonds. And trend-following quantitative funds are cutting their U.S. equity positions.
A: So it’s talking about the U.S. trade and U.S. equity positions are the money they have invested in certain areas of that market so in that phrase they are cutting spending in those markets. So easier way to word it is they pulled back their investments
Q: If you send your funds separately, it will be somewhat complicated to process it on our company side. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
Q: 1. All the funds that were raised for the charity will be used to rebuild the houses destroyed in the earthquake.

2. Every month it is always the same amount of income that goes into my bank.

3. The story is about a man and his horse that are reunited after they have gone through hardship and suffering during the war.

4. Mr. Lee had to pay the highest amount of divorce settlement and alimony that it was beyond his estimation

I will be really grateful if you can correct any grammatical error. Thank you
A: 1. is perfect. You could also say "houses that were destroyed" but it is all the same. 🖒
2. this one is fine as well. Although, I might suggest saying "bank account" or simply "account". But it's still fine...
3. Perfect
4. I'm not sure exactly what this one is saying. Or rather, I think it should be two separate statements, or made into one. I would say something like:

"Mr. Lee had to pay the highest divorce settlement and alimony that one could have expected. (without "amount of") Or "Mr. Lee had to pay a higher divorce settlement and alimony than he could have ever anticipated/expected."

-I changed "It was beyond his estimation" to "...he/one could have expected"
-You can say 'he' or 'one' -it doesn't matter

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