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Q: Could you please, explain the uppercase words?

“ILS Reference DATUM Height (RDH). The height of the COMMISIONED glidepath located vertically above the runway threshold.” có nghĩa là gì?
A: Reference datum height (RDH) is the height above the reference datum at which a glide path crosses the edge of the usable paved area of a runway. The reference datum is a standard base elevation, from which other elevations are measured. A datum is just any numerical or geometrical quantity used as reference or base for other quantities. Datums are the basis for all land surveying work.
(Wkikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reference_datum_height)

A glidepath is commissioned when it meets FAA requirements and is formally put into use.
Q: uppercase
có nghĩa là gì?
A: Uppercase is a word whose origin comes from the very old way of printing with individual letters made of metal. The capital letters were kept in the upper case, while the non-capital letters were kept in the lower case.

Today, the "big" letters are called "uppercase."

• "A" = uppercase
• "a" = lowercase
• "B" = uppercase
• "b" = lowercase
Q: uppercase có nghĩa là gì?
A: means capital letters.

ABC = uppercase
abc = lowercase

Câu ví dụ sử dụng "Uppercase"

Q: Hãy chỉ cho tôi những câu ví dụ với uppercase.
A: In addition, names of days of the week and months also start with a capital letter.
Q: Hãy chỉ cho tôi những câu ví dụ với uppercase; lowercase.
A: “Uppercase is used on the first letter of proper nouns and on the first word of a sentence. While lowercase is used for all other letters unless the letters are an abbreviation or for artistic reasons of the writer, like to convey yelling.”

Từ giống với "Uppercase" và sự khác biệt giữa chúng

Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa uppercase và capital letters ?
A: Both is correct but we use it differently uppercase letters is talking about words that have been uppercased. So uppercase is often used as a verb and uppercase letters= noun. The verb for capital letters is capitalize
Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa uppercase và capitalise ?
A: Uppercase is an adjective that describes letters LIKE THIS.
A) He wrote his whole email in uppercase, isn't that funny?
B) The first letter of a proper noun needs to be in uppercase.
C) Does your password use both lowercase and uppercase letters?

Capitalise is a verb that means to change lowercase letters into uppercase.
A) Capitalise the first letter of the first word in a sentence.
B) You need to capitalise the second B for the password to be correct.
Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa uppercase and lowercase letters và capital letters and small letter ?
A: "Uppercase" and "capital" letters mean the same thing, ex: ABCD

"Lowercase" and "small" letters are the same thing, ex: abcd
Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa uppercase và capital letters ?

Bản dịch của"Uppercase"

Q: Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Mỹ) như thế nào? Which should it be uppercase or lowercase letter after the comma?
A: "Should it be an uppercase letter or a lowercase letter after a comma?"

By the way it should always be a lowercase letter unless it's a proper noun. :)

Những câu hỏi khác về "Uppercase"

Q: How do you write an uppercase G?
Which one is common?
A: The second one.
Q: Why only uppercase letters in comic books?Will you find it harder to read uppercase letters?
A: It varies, they do not all use uppercase. No, it's not hard.
Q: it is really necessary to put the "I" in uppercase? sorry if this question gets confused or weird
A: Yes, even in a casual text message,"I” is capitalized😊

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