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Q: "urinating" in "Yeah, I'm good. I'm just... urinating." có nghĩa là gì?
A: urinating means peeing(おしっこ)
urinate is the formal way to say it.

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Q: Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa urinate và pee ?
A: Urinate = formal
Pee = informal

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Q: Hãy chỉ cho tôi làm thế nào để phát âm Please urinate with precision and elegance..
A: おしっこするだけそのものがエレガントの正反対です。バレエダンサーがピルエットをしながら小便をするようなイメージする。可笑しい。  「雅におしっこ」って感じです。

英語で、大体このような注意をするときは 'In consideration of others, please [try to / take care to] use the facilities in a clean manner.' あんまり直接的に言いません。ただ「綺麗に設備をご使用しましょう」というようなことを言う。
職場は違います。職場では、従業員用のトイレマナーに対して言うならばそういう礼儀は守らなくていいので、このような [Sign](https://www.freshandclean.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/fresh-and-clean-toilet-etiquette-posters-the-golden-rules.png) を貼ってもOKです。

Other signs: https://www.safetysign.com/bathroom-etiquette-signs
Q: Even if you so drunk it doesn't let you urinate on the pavement. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A: You are not allowed to urinate on the pavement even though you are drunk.
Q: 最近トイレが近くなりました
I urinate more frequently than before recently. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A: Recently, I have been urinating more frequently than before.
Q: I have to urinate.
(sb say"nature calls" really??) cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A: oops meant to poll unatural. using word "urinate" is abit too explicit. you can say "i need to pee","i need to use the bathroom/toilet"."nature calls" works too.
Q: What do you normally say when you have to urinate?

1. I gotta relieve myself.
2. I gotta pass water.
3. I gotta pee.
4. I gotta take a pee.
5. I gotta go to the washroom.

or others?
A: Mm I agree with Ranaii although if you want to say "I gotta pee" people normally just excuse there selfs..

You normally see it a lot more with women as men tend to be more blunt about it.

"Excuse me for a minute"
"Will you excuse me for a minute"
"Sorry I just need a minute"
"Sorry I'm just going to excuse myself, I'll be back in a moment"

All pretty much meaning I have to use the rest room/toilet or needing to take a phone call.. Just a general expression I guess..

Hope it helped in some way

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